Local mom makes quilts for students

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – One local mom gave some homemade gifts to the children sharing classes with her son and daughter.

Mima Lee made 46 quilts and gave them to her son’s Plano Elementary School class of 20 students and her daughter Charli’s Legacy Christian Academy class of 26 students.

She began the quilts at the end of last September and finished the 46 last Friday night. Lee learned quilting when she was young from her mother. Both of her children helped to make the quilts. Each quilt had the recipient’s name on it, as well as a patch to commemorate the school year.

Mima Lee said, “I hope that they will use them and cherish them, and, like I said, remember their school year they had and all the fun times.”

“They were really excited whenever I passed them out, especially Harleigh,” said Lee’s daughter. “She’s like ohhhh!”