Local kids enjoy KSP Trooper Island camp

BURKESVILLE, Ky. – This summer, the Kentucky State Police are continuing their annual tradition of sending children across the state to Trooper island. The island is in the middle of Dale Hollow Lake, and is used solely for KSP’s camps. 

Monday, June 5th, Posts 3 and 16’s selected children ages 10-12 boated across the lake. The over 60 kids are getting their turn to canoe, fish, swim and learn some archery all while they explore the island side by side with the troopers until the camp ends Friday.

The camp is funded  solely on fundraisers, and thanks to Kentuckians for donating, these troopers are able to bring about 500 kids a year to the island completely free.

Post 3’s Trooper Daniel Priddy said this camp is a chance to show kids that police are actually their friends.

“They’re awesome here, and out there, you feel like they’re not that awesome, and they’re scary. I think a lot of them leave the island with a better idea of who we are as people, to be able to hang out with us, and actually be able to spend time with us. It puts a personal effect on law-enforcement which I think is greatly needed,” said Priddy. 

“I think my favorite part about camp is hanging out with all the troopers and stuff, because I want to be a cop when I grow up.”

Gracie Capshaw has been a camp counselor on the island for four years now, and she said the camp has the exact effect on kids that Priddy hopes.

“This is a place where they get to interact with troopers and see that there are people just like them, and that they’re the good guys,” said Capshaw.

Priddy says he chooses kids who might not otherwise get a chance to experience this kind of fun. Criteria for a child joining the camp can include buying reduced lunches and being in the foster system. The KSP also looks at applications to choose children.

Trooper Priddy said he goes to the school systems and asks for recommendations for deserving children who face underprivileged lifestyles.

KSP Post 3 raises most of their funding for Trooper Island with their Camaro Raffle. People looking to support can buy tickets right now at KSP Post 3 at 3119 Nashville Road Bowling Green, KY.