Local jails explain health procedures in light of the recent spread of COVID-19

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Kentucky jailers are talking about their health procedures and how to prepare for the spread of illness inside their facilities.

Both the Barren County Detention Center and the Warren County Regional Jail have a screening process as inmates come in.

Warren County Jailer Stephen Harmon says the Warren County Regional Jail did see three inmates with a fever on Friday, but none of them exemplified any other symptoms relating to COVID-19.

“All of the precautions that are taken in any correctional facility are kind of extra sensitive right now because of all the hype regarding the coronavirus,” said Harmon.

As a precaution, the jailer quarantined them until their fevers were gone.

Barren County Jailer Aaron Bennett says the Barren County Detention Center always provides access to hand-sanitizer to inmates.

“We are a very clean jail; we are constantly cleaning and everything like that. We got hand-sanitizer out as normal in all the cells,” said Bennett.

The jailers’ nursing staff are paying attention to inmates’ symptoms in an effort to catch any COVID-19 cases before they enter the jail.

“Our medical staff will ask them different questions relating to the coronavirus if they have any symptoms that may lead them to believe that they have the virus,” Bennett said.

“With this illness, and with any illness, the flu, any kind of virus, we are taking very seriously, and we are taking extra precautions right now. But, know that the folks that are incarcerated are being taken care of,” said Harmon.

Harmon also says the jail is having a harder time obtaining sanitizing supplies because the demand is so high.