Local jail program trying to lower recidivism rates

FRANKLIN, Ky. – A local jail is working to reduce the rate of recidivism in their county.

Recidivism is a growing issue in the nation and Kentucky is no exception.

But the Simpson County Detention Center is working to lower those rates.

“While they are in the work release program, they go out to work every day, they’re making a livable wage they are paying child support they are paying any restitution they have they’re also able to send money home to their kids. They are able to provide for themselves and save for their future,”  Ashley Penn, Simpson Co. Jail Program Director told us, “Its huge for not only our residence, our facility, but our community. I mean, while incarcerated our residents are becoming taxpayers as opposed to tax burdens,”

The jail has been successfully running the SCORE program for a year now.

With three phases involved, inmates can build a plan, do community service, and then get an outside job while still serving their time.

It also allows the inmates to live and learn in a community environment and save money for when they get out of jail.

The SCORE program stands for second chance offender rehabilitation and education and has already collected over $40,000 in child support.

“Nothing prepares you for getting out like this program prepares you,”  said Jessie Curtis, SCORE participant.