Local golf pro invited to play in 2019 PGA Professional Championship

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – John Mullendore is well-known among the members at Indian Hills Country Club.

He serves as the club’s Golf Pro.

And earlier this week, he received some special news.

“Man, it’s a tremendous honor,” said Mulledore, with a big smile across his face. “Super excited about this opportunity.”

For Mullendore, it’s an opportunity to play in a tournament he’s waited his whole life for.

“You know, I always had dreams of it because golf was my favorite sport and something I chased through high school and college,” he said. “Definitely had some games on the putting green. You need to make this 10-footer to win this major championship or whatnot. Definitely been a dream of mine and something I’m excited to fulfill.”

On Tuesday morning, Mullendore received a phone call informing him that he’d been invited to compete in the 2019 PGA Professional Championship from April 28-May 1, 2019, at Belfair Golf Club in Bluffton, South Carolina.

“With college golf, and some of the professional golf I’ve played, I’ve played in some big events,” Mullendore added. “But this one is definitely the biggest.”

Mullendore is well known in the Bowling Green golf community as well. He was a member of the Bowling Green High School boy’s golf teams that claimed the 1996 and 1997 KHSAA State Championships. Mullendore then went on to become captain of the men’s golf team at Western Kentucky University, and was named to the 2003 Sun Belt All-Conference Team. Safe to say, he’s no stranger to the pressure that comes with playing in large tournaments.

“There’ll be some nerves involved, but once you hit that first tee shot and play a couple of holes, get it under your belt,” Mullendore said. “That’s where your preparation needs to kick in. Rely on your routine and just what you practice.”

Some of that preparation involves working on his putting, testing out new equipment, and working out more often to ensure that his fitness level is up to bar. And it’ll need to be – he’ll be competing against 312 of the country’s best golfers.

“I just enjoy competing,” he said. “It’s fun to kind of put yourself under the gun or the pressure and just see how you do.”

Mullendore also mentioned what a cool opportunity this will be to represent Bowling Green and the state of Kentucky, but for him, there’s one person in particular he’ll be playing for when he tees off on that first hole.

“This one’s for my dad,” said Mullendore. “My dad’s had a lot of health problems. I just wanted to say this one’s for you, dad.”