Local economic picture mixed according to business, economic leaders

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Just this week, Kentucky received the Silver Shovel Award, an accomplishment made possible by strong economic growth in the state.

And much of that growth came from the South Central Kentucky region.

But even with all that growth, some economic experts believe the area may have a challenging recovery, as they point to the fact some industries were starting to see a slowdown even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

WKU economics professor Dr. Christopher Biolsi said, even with the word of possible vaccines and treatments on the horizon, much of the damage has already been done since decreased demand means decreased tax revenue. He explained that means less money for organizations dependent on the revenue like schools, especially with the local economy showing signs of slowing down even before the pandemic hit.

Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Ron Bunch says there are still companies still announcing investments in the area, although a few have put the brakes on expansion for the time being.