Local business woman introducing Cutie Pie Wagon to help share sweet treats

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A story with a little sugar and spice, a local baker is taking her treats to the streets with a bakery delivery on wheels.

According to Brie Golliher, the owner of the Cutie Pie Wagon, this is going to give her business the new possibility to share their pies with more people.

“We were just trying to figure out a way, since we can’t have as many people sitting inside the restaurant right now and things are getting colder, and we can’t sit on the patio, really just finding a way to set up different places and still put our food out that we can’t normally get to people,” said Golliher.

During the pandemic, her business experienced struggles but outdoor seating was a huge help.

With winter coming, another option came along, a horse trailer.

“It is just a transportation wagon so rather than just setting up an event with just a table and a table cloth, this is going to allow us to be able to roll up and open the doors and so we have some countertop space inside. We have some coolers just for drinks and stuff but all of our pies are shelf stable and individually wrapped. So they will be wrapped in house before we even transport them,” said Golliher.

The painting on the Cutie Pie Wagon, all done by a local artist, Andee Rudloff, who said the design for the trailer was a surprise.

“She’s like, ‘Andee, do you think you could make this horse trailer feel like me or like my kitchen?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh. What a cool challenge!’ and she goes, ‘And here’s the cooler thing, we are going to take a vacation and when we come back, then we’ll see it, and just, we trust you,’” said Rudloff.

Golliher hopes to share her sweet treats and the joy they bring to the community.

“Obviously pie makes everybody happy and life is short. We’ve learned that this year in 2020.  So hopefully this is going to just spread some joy throughout the community and neighboring areas,” said Golliher.

Golliher is excited for the Cutie Pie Wagon to make its debut Friday at the Circle W Farms from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.