Local business donates life-saving trauma kits to law enforcement

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. – A local business donated medical equipment to law enforcement to assist them in saving lives.

Logan Aluminum donated 22 trauma kits to each of the Logan County Sheriff’s Offices’ deputies for deputies to have in their cruisers.

Often, deputies are the first to arrive on scene where medical attention is required, and these “Stop the Bleeding” kits could save lives, according to Logan County Deputy Joshua Toomey.

“We are one of the first responders. Whether it be drive up on a wreck scene or respond to a disturbance or some type of shots fired, or God forbid, an active shooter incident, we’re there first. The medical personnel, of course, they’ve got their portion to do, but we have to make the scene safe, typically, before they approach,” said Toomey.

These trauma kits could help law enforcement stop someone from bleeding to death on a scene before emergency medical services arrive.

The kits contain Celox, a clotting agent that helps stop bleeding quickly, as well as extra gauze, gloves, a turn-a-kit, and more

“We’ve had some pretty horrific wrecks here, so we want to be able to provide medical attention initially until that actual EMT or paramedic gets there,” said Toomey.

Toomey always has a clotting agent on him, but many of his coworkers did not until now.

“I’ve carried it for a long time. Now that we have outer vests, I like the ability to have, I have the ability to carry more gear. I am of that mindset that I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it,” said Toomey.

Van Mitchell, the environment, safety and security manager at Logan Aluminum says the company wanted to help protect the community by donating these kits.

“We kept hearing through the sheriff’s department that they are the first ones on the scene many times and that they didn’t have some of these basic life saving things in their vehicles. We’ll be able to help our sheriff’s department but in turn it will help our community and that’s what Logan’s all about is helping our community,” said Mitchell.

The coagulation kits were put together following mass shootings that occurred over the past several years where lives were lost due to the inability to control bleeding.

The officers will receive the kits after they receive training on how to properly use the clotting agent.