Local artist creates a mural for SKYPAC ticket office

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A Bowling Green performing arts venue recently received a touch up from a local artist.

A mural representing the world of art is now around the ticket office at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center. The work comes from David Jones, a local artist and an associate professor of art at South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College.

The mural features a plethora of different aspects, including music, theater and even some popular Bowling Green icons like the Capitol Arts Center.

Jones said the inspiration for this work of art came from other well-known artists and art styles.

“It’s sort of inspired by Van Gogh and a Japanese work called ‘The Great Wave.’ It’s basically a combination of artistic expressions, singers, music, arts, all in this big rhythmic wave that flows over the ticket office,” Jones said.

Jones said this is also a gift for the SKYCTC graduation, which will be at the SKYPAC on Friday May 7.