Local animal shelter prepares for a busy July 5th

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-While the 4th of July is an enjoyable night known for fireworks, it can be stressful for our four-legged friends. The loud sounds of fireworks can cause pets to run away from home out of fear.

July 5th is often the busiest day of the year for animal shelters like the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society. If history repeats itself, they’ll experience an influx in intakes this weekend.

“The biggest thing that we’re always concerned about is especially outdoor pets running away from home. We encourage everyone to make sure that their pets are wearing proper identification in case the worse were to happen,” said Leah Lawrence from the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society.

It’s important to note that some pets will react to fireworks differently. Just ask cat owner Kate Wheeler.

“Copey is pretty chill, so she doesn’t really get worked up, but fireworks scare her a little bit,” Wheeler said.

Which is why Wheeler makes an extra effort to keep her cat calm during the loud 4th of July festivities.

“We just give her lots of milk and we make sure she stays calm. We cuddle with her, and make sure she doesn’t get outside for any fireworks,” Wheeler said.

Both pet owners and shelter staff agree that giving extra attention to pets while they are scared is beneficial.

Additionally, shelter staff offers this advice.

“We recommend that pets are indoors if they have a safe space like a crate or a small room where they tend to feel more comfortable, put them in there. Put some calming music on. You can even cover their crate with a light blanket just to make sure they feel a little more enclosed and safer,” Lawrence said.

If you do lose your pet or find one this weekend, shelter staff members say a great resource is the Warren County, Kentucky Lost and Found Pets Facebook page.