Local 8-year-old boy battling Larsen’s Syndrome gets dream tickets to see Jelly Roll

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A Logan County boy got one of the best surprises he could ask for this week.

Young Jelly Roll fan Greyson Walker is headed to SKyPAC soon to see the man that’s helped him through some tough times.

Walker is dealing with a little-known disease, Larsen’s Syndrome, and just got his chance to see one of his favorite artists.

Kenny Beckman, host at GOOBER 95.1 WGGC, said, “His mom actually reached out to us saying that Jelly Roll’s music, especially with the announcement of the concert coming here to Bowling Green, that Jelly Roll music has made such an impact in Greyson’s life.”

The next step was to make sure that music could reach him in person.

“And I saw that Kenny had advertised that they were going to give some away, and I took a chance and sent a message,” Lindsey Dover, Walker’s mom, said. “I really didn’t expect anything out of it, but I just wanted to kind of share a story.”

The story of a protein mutation that even many doctors don’t know about.

“We have faced severe clubbed feet…when he was first born, his knees were completely backwards. He had pectus excavatum, where you could put your finger in the front of his chest. And then if you put your other one on the back of his chest, it would, like your fingers would touch,” she said.

But even with odds stacked against him, going through 20 surgeries, Greyson’s mom said he holds onto a heart of gold.

“So proud and so humble at the same time,” Dover said. “Like he, this is a kid that has every reason to hate the world, hate people in the world, and just be so depressed every day. And yet he chooses to put all of that behind him.”

And to Beckman, this isn’t a chance he would want to miss.

“It’s not every day that you see a story like Greyson’s,” Beckman said. “And it’s not every day that Jelly Roll plays Bowling Green – but it is every day that we have an opportunity and a chance to do something nice for somebody else.”

Dover said her son has a Facebook page for those who want to keep up with how he’s doing. She encourages everyone to check out Greyson’s Journey with Larsen’s Syndrome.