Local 2-year-old boy saved by wellness check

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – August “Auggie” Baker is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at a young age, but he’s handling it well.

Micah and Samantha Baker told News 40 that out of their 4 kids, Auggie started out the most healthy but upon a 2 year wellness check, it was discovered that Auggie’s cell counts were off. Fortunately for the Baker’s, they caught it early and Auggie is doing fine with all things considered.

When asked how the parents are handling the extra attention, Samantha said “it’s weird.” Samantha admitted that when she’s asked how she’s doing, she brushes the question off, which is understandable and Micah said that he really appreciates the people that show initiative in the time of his family’s storm.

The father told News 40 that several of his church members have said something akin to “I’m bringing you guys food on Tuesday, what do you want?” versus a “hey, do you guys need anything?” which he said has been a big help. Micah said it’s difficult to think about what kind of help you need when you’re battling something so stressful.

The Bakers said they couldn’t imagine what the future could have been if they decided to forego the appointment.

Samantha said, “It’s important. All the labs they ask you to do, they’re important.”

The Bakers also credit Norton’s Children’s Hospital for being so helpful during all the trouble. Micah said he’s extremely grateful for having someone he’s able to call around the clock that knows his son’s situation.