L&N Depot unveils September poster in the Save the Depot campaign

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The L&N Train Depot unveiled the ninth poster in its year-long “Save the Depot” campaign on Thursday morning.

The September poster differs from previous months, taking on a more modern look as opposed to the World War II era themed posters in other months.

The ninth poster in the series depicts a more modern rail car, which is meant to tie in with the Depot’s focus for the month of September: rail car restoration.

The poster is meant to encourage people to adopt a rail car or pay for the restoration of a seat in one of the cars behind the depot.

Ashlea Shepherd-Porter, a tour guide for Unseen Bowling Green and a volunteer at the railpark, was the special guest who helped unveil the newest poster.

For L&N Depot Executive Director Jamie Johnson, it’s hard to believe they’re already 75% done with their 12-month campaign to keep the depot running in Bowling Green.

“It feels like it’s gone really fast, but some days it feels really slow,” she said. “We’re really excited to be in the ninth month. We just have three more posters to unveil and we’re really excited about the last three as well. The campaign has been really successful. We’re really excited to see where we end up at the end of the year.”

Like the other posters, only 50 copies were made of the September edition.

Copies of the ninth “Save the Depot” poster can be purchased in the railpark’s gift shop.