Lieutenant governor visits Warren County School, presents check to address traffic safety

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman made a visit to a local school Wednesday afternoon. She came to announce a much-needed resource for the district.

Coleman visited Bristow Elementary and announced that the Warren County School District has received an $88,000 check to address traffic safety issues. This money will go to three schools. Bristow Elementary, Cumberland Trace Elementary and Warren East High School.

For example, a traffic safety issue at Bristow involves cars dropping off and picking up students needing to exit on both directions. This funding will set up a U-turn farther away from the school, with the goal of enhancing safety.

Bristow Elementary principal Chris Stunson says he can’t wait to implement these enhancements, as it’ll help keep students safe.

“We’re truly excited as a community to be able to have this project completed. Since I arrived in 2015, this has been a need that has been evident. We’ve worked with the transportation department and state and local police agencies to begin to study and analyze the problem. This is a project that’s been a long time coming,” Stunson said.