Legal Cannabis Offers “Dry January” Alternative

A recent survey finds many Americans are putting down their drinks in favor of legal marijuana. NBC's Dan Scheneman reports.

(NBC News) — Many taking part in “Dry January” are putting down the bottle, and perhaps picking up something else: marijuana.

A recent survey by cannabis distributor Curaleaf finds Americans who have started using or increasing their use of cannabis since the pandemic are relying on it to deal with stress, to relax and aid sleep.

It’s also legally available in many states.

“There’s been a really big sea change in cannabis use over the past couple of years,” notes Curaleaf’s Dr. Stacia Woodcock. “We’re now at a point where more than half of the United States has access to legal cannabis in some form.”

There are a wide variety of options for users.

“Tinctures and mints and nano gametes, all these things that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with cannabis” Dr. Woodcock says.

Still, before starting, Dr. Woodcock says you should talk to an expert.

“I think coming into a dispensary, talking with a pharmacist like me, or an associate that’s really educated, is what’s most important because people are trying to figure this out on their own. They may not necessarily know what ratios and dosages are right,” she explains.

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