Brownsville restaurant lost to a fire

BROWNSVILLE, Ky. – Laura’s Hilltop Restaurant was a popular eatery in Brownsville Kentucky for 18 years.

Unfortunately, it was completely lost to a fire early this morning.

The restaurant owners are Laura Jacobs and her husband Jeff.

The restaurant was everything to Laura, making the loss even more unbearable.

According to firefighters on scene, they suspect a shortage from a cooler being the cause of the fire.

However, fire marshals are continuing to investigate the definitive cause.

Once the fire reached between the original roof and the added one, the building was impossible to save.

It took every Edmonson County fire department, including Alvaton’s and Smiths Grove’s to battle the blaze.

But Jacobs is just grateful his family and over 20 employees are okay.

This isn’t the first time the Jacobs family has endured a loss to fire.

Four years ago, they lost the former Jacobs Home Furnishings on January 30th,  2015.

And Laura’s not long after that from faulty wiring, but they were able to recover the restaurant then.

Unsure of what’s ahead, the Jacobs family has only one request of the community during this emotional time.

Continuous support, the way they always have.

While crews work to tear the restaurant down, Jeff hopes to see Laura’s Hilltop standing once again soon.