Kroger to stop using plastic grocery bags

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-When you go to a grocery store, you’re normally asked a common question at checkout. Paper or plastic?

If you’re a frequent shopper at Kroger, that’s a question you’ll no longer be asked.

The grocery chain is eliminating the use of plastic bags due to customers’ environmental concerns.

It’s part of Kroger’s zero hunger, zero waste plan.

The goal is to fully switch to paper shopping bags by 2025, in order for customers to be able to reuse them for multiple trips.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, almost 35 million tons of plastics were generated in the 2015.

Some Kroger shoppers spoke to WNKY on this transition and are looking forward to the benefits this will have on the environment.

“You can’t really recycle plastic bags unless you turn them into something else or use them in a different way. Anytime I go to the grocery store, I actually try to get paper for that reason,” said Jack LeSieur, who is the director of the Downing museum and a Kroger shopper.

“It broke my heart the other day. I was driving down Plano Road and plastic bags were floating up in the sky. It made me really sad. Some animal could get caught in it,” said Kroger shopper Jessica Miller.

Other chains will be following this new trend of leaving plastic including Disney, Marriott, Starbucks and McDonald’s who will stop the use of plastic straws.