Kids use first day of break to help feed fellow students

GLASGOW, Ky. – Trojans helping Trojans.

For many students, today was the official start to their holiday break, but students at Barren County High School chose to spend the day giving back to their community.

“To know that there is always somebody that could use a little help. Sometimes it’s just a smile or a friendly face, but somebody always needs something,” said Trojan Academy Campus district manager Angie Riddle.

Over 50 students gathered inside the cafeteria at Barren County High School early Monday morning, ready to help others.

 “It just made me feel really humble and I really liked it. It made me happy,” said Barren County High School student Elaine Ross.

Students organized a food delivery to their fellow classmates and their families who may need a helping hand this holiday season.

 “The kids did the biggest part of it. They did the food drive earlier this year, we had a donation that got us the meats and then we cooked up some spaghetti in the kitchen. It’s always great to get the kids involved so that they can see that we need this in our community as well. They are helping people that they may go to school with, which is great. They can see it with their own eyes,” added Riddle.

They loaded canned goods, boxed goods, hot meals and side dishes into school vans.

Students and teachers hand delivered the meals to over 30 families throughout Barren County.

“It was very heartwarming, and it was a great opportunity to see that others aren’t as fortunate as I am,” said Barren County High School student Emma Kate Atkinson.

Barren County High School principal, Brad Johnson, said this opportunity gave students the chance to help others while understanding the value of giving.

 “I get choked up thinking about it. It was their first day of break. So, they gave their first day of break to come here. They came back for a little pizza gathering after it was over. It warms your heart. First of all, we want to help those in need, but after that we want to give our kids the opportunity to help and teach them the value of helping,” said Johnson.