Kentucky students compete in the National Geographic GeoBee

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Almost 100 kids throughout the state of Kentucky are testing their knowledge of geography for national recognition and the chance to receive college scholarships in the National Geographic GeoBee.

Consisting of eight rounds, one being a preliminary, students test their knowledge of geography, with questions increasing in difficulty as they advance.

The 10 highest scorers then proceed to the final round.

The state champion then goes on to Washington D.C. for the national bee.

That winner will receive several prizes including college scholarships.

The moderator of Friday’s bee and Professor Emeritus at the University of Tennesse, Dr. Thomas Bell, feels any student who knows geography is better connected to the world.

Dr. Bell also says the final round before nationals is one of the tensest but most exciting moment to moderate.

He even joked there are questions in the final round even he doesn’t know the answers to.