Kentucky State Senate Leadership stops in Bowling Green to talk about the upcoming 2022 Legislative Session

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Kentucky State Senate Leadership made a visit to Bowling Green prior to the Majority Caucus’ annual retreat, which will be held next month at Western Kentucky University.

Republican senators used the visit to answer some questions regarding the upcoming 2022 Legislative Session.

Major topics discussed included employee shortages, COVID-19 funding, the redistricting of the senators and more.

When it came to employee shortages, the senators said they are working on a plan to potentially cut taxes for people moving into the state to encourage people to join the workforce in Kentucky.

Other plans include helping people who have recently moved from out of state get into the workforce without having to recertify for their jobs.

“If you’re licensed in HVAC and you [move to] Kentucky, you have to start from the bottom again. Nobody wants to do that kind of thing. So our trades and what we’re looking at, especially teachers, teachers that are not actually certified in the state of Kentucky and they come and move from out of state and they’ve been certified somewhere else, they still can’t teach as a certified teacher,” said Senator Mike Wilson.

The senators say the biggest item on their agenda is the 2022 two-year budget.