Kentucky State Police host 1st Cram the Cruiser of 2021

CHALYBEATE, Ky. – The Kentucky State Police spent Friday collecting school supplies for local kids with their first Cram the Cruiser event of the Year.

In Edmonson County at the Chalybeate Dollar General, the KSP set up their cruiser with lights all aglow. People could come stop by and drop off school supplies that the troopers crammed into the cruiser. The police were also set up in Brownsville today as well. 

All the supplies collected collected at these events goes towards the corresponding county’s schools, so Friday, all the supplies collected will go toward kids in the Edmonson County School system. 

The troopers were joined by the local ambulance, the county sheriff, Pie Queen and Creation’s Boutique, who all helped out serving their time or donating portions of the profit to the cruiser event.

Trooper Daniel Priddy said this is the KSP’s 15th year hosting Cram the Cruiser. 

“We’re hoping to cram as many cruisers as possible, so each school system has the supplies to go through 2021. Cause the goal is that every kid starts the school year on an even playing field,” said Priddy.

Community Education Director of Edmonson County Lisa Whobrey said, “Our kids need no barriers. So we want them to be at school without any worries. And this is what this is about.”

Next Friday the troopers will host the Cram the Cruiser event in Barren County and Allen County.