Kentucky ranks near the bottom of ‘green’ states


 BOWLING GREEN Ky.- While Bowling Green may look green on a beautiful sunny day, Kentucky ranks third worst for being a green state. This includes being 35th in air quality, and 18th in soil quality, that’s according to a report from personal finance website

Stan Reagan, the coordinator of enforcement planning and assistance for Warren County, gives some more details on why this is the case.

“Kentucky is a very diverse state because you have so many different areas of the state are geographically different. Tie all that together with the density you’d need to have curbside recycling, it’s next to impossible,” said Reagan.

The rating, however, isn’t stopping Bowling Green’s Lost River Cave from holding its week-long event called Earth Week. It’s where volunteers come out to help keep the area looking great for all to enjoy. Tour staff manager Chad Singer said the statistic isn’t discouraging, rather, inspiring to make a change.

“I grew up here in Bowling Green too, and I’ve had a lot of great friends that have gone off to learn a lot more information and taken it to all other green states

too. That’s even more of a reason to keep doing what we do here at Lost River Cave,”  said Singer.

With all the volunteers willing to come out, Singer said this is a great start to battling that statistic.

‘Our mission here at Lost River Cave is to connect and enrich and educate lives through connections in nature. That’s really the best way we can really start to combat that statistic,” said Singer.