Kentucky moves closer to allowing concealed carrying of guns without a permit

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Taking aim, Kentucky Senate Bill 150 is just a signature away from becoming a law.

The legislation would make it legal for anyone 21 and older to carry a concealed weapon without a permit or training.

That bill has now passed both the state Senate and the House, and is awaiting Governor Matt Bevin’s signature before becoming law. Bevin has said he will sign it.

Jerry Corbitt, a concealed carry instructor at Sherwood’s Guns in Bowling Green, said he didn’t expect the bill to make it this far.

“I was kind of surprised to begin with. I teach the carry conceal class here at the shop, and of course there are a lot of advantages of having a carry-conceal permit. I think the advantages of a carry-conceal permit is a plus-plus. I was surprised that they actually passed the bill,” Corbitt said.

The legislation is backed by the National Rifle Association.