Kentucky man interviewed in Nashville bombing arrested on unrelated charge

HENDERSON, Ky. – A Henderson man who has been arrested multiple times in Bowling Green is accused of threatening the life of an FBI agent.

Following the Christmas Day explosion of a recreational vehicle on a downtown Nashville street that significantly damaged an AT&T building, the FBI received a tip on James Keith Ray who had been “ranting about how AT&T was abusing their power and how their policies were criminal,” according to federal criminal complaint filed against Ray Jan. 7.

That complaint was sealed until Jan. 22.

An agent searched law enforcement databases and identified other threats of concern to the FBI that Ray had made prior to the bombing, according to the complaint.

One comment regarding Ray’s dissatisfaction with AT&T, Apple, Facebook, Walmart and Independence Bank in Bowling Green that the FBI said Ray posted to Facebook reads: “#FBI last call before I act on your behalf,” according to the complaint.

On the night of the bombing, FBI agents including James M. Brown, interviewed Ray at his parents’ home in Henderson, Ky. Ray lives primarily in his parents’ basement. During the interview the FBI ruled out Ray as a suspect in the Christmas morning bombing.

On Jan. 5, Ray is accused of posting a threatening statement on Twitter threatening the life of an FBI agent if he ever returned to the property. It reads in part, “…you are a dead man. Do hear me? There is no amount of armor that will protect you…”.

Brown saw the statements and confirmed the Twitter profile picture is of Ray.

“Additionally, given the accurate references to Special Agent Brown’s interview contained within the posts, the affiant believes the @JKeithRayl Twitter account belongs to and is operated by Ray,” the criminal complaint reads.

Ray is accused of interstate transmission of a threat to injure the person of another. He was arrested in early January and was booked into the Henderson County Detention Center where he is currently being held.

During a Jan. 13 video hearing in U.S. District Court, a magistrate judge ordered Ray to remain in custody.

“It is the finding of the court there are no conditions or combination of conditions that can be placed upon the Defendant to assure the safety of the community,” Magistrate Judge Brent Brennenstuhl wrote in his order.

The man responsible for the Nashville bombing was killed in the blast.