Kentucky highway fatalities continue to lower in 2019

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – In 2019, the Commonwealth is seeing a decline in the number of deadly vehicle crashes, yet Warren County is tied for third highest number of fatal accidents of any county in the state.

As of December 31, at 8am, statistics show the state as a whole has the lowest number of fatalities since 2014 with 717 this year.

“We are always going to strive to do better, we are always striving to have more law enforcement efforts to be able to lower that number even more and hopefully next year it will be an even safer year for Kentucky roadways,” said Trooper Daniel Priddy, Kentucky State Police.

Jefferson County has the most fatal accidents with 96, followed by Fayette County with 32 lives lost on the roadways.

Warren, Harden, and Pulaski County follow with 16 fatalities each.

Warren County actually had fewer fatalities last year with 12.

“Something that people need to remember is that driving is one of the most dangerous things they do on a daily basis,” said Major Kevin Wiles, Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

In previous years, Warren County faced 25 highway fatalities in 2017, 20 in 2016 and 13 in 2015.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office wants to create a position for a traffic deputy who will focus solely on driving safety on county roads.