Kentucky gets poor ranking in national energy efficiency report

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-October is National Energy Awareness month, and a recent nationwide report ranks Kentucky as one of the least energy efficient states.

Personal finance website Wallethub has released it’s national report on the most and least energy efficient states.

In the report, Kentucky is ranked 40th out of the 48 states included in the study.

The Commonwealth received below average scores in 3 major efficiency categories; vehicle-fuel, transportation and home energy.

Kentucky was ranked 42nd in the home energy category, which was the worst score out of the three.

According to the communications manager at Bowling Green Municipal Utilities, there are many ways to make your home more energy efficient and it could help you save money.

“TVA offers a program called E-Score, that’s available to all of our customers. You can either do a self evaluation, or you can pay a small fee to have an energy adviser come into your home and kind of do a audit. I’ve had it done at my home, and it was really eye opening,” said Kristy Twyman.

BGMU offers many tips on social media to become more energy efficient. Twyman also suggested closing curtains to keep the home cool, and opening them to let heat in.

For the full Wallethub report click here!