Kentucky driver’s license & ID changes for 2019

Starting in January 2019, you will no longer be able to pick up a hard copy of your driver’s license or ID from the Circuit Court Clerks office.

Instead of receiving your actual license, you will be given a temporary paper copy that’s good for 30 days. This comes after congress passed the Real ID Act in 2005.

After the 9-11 terrorist attacks, congress passed the Real ID act in 2005. This act requires states to update security of their driver’s license and ID’s.

“The goal of the state is to create heavier security standards and part of that is having a centralized issuing location. Currently, there are over 140 locations across the state of Kentucky, where you can go in and obtain a license or ID. So, the thought process is that they are all printed from one centralized location in the state and mailed to everyone.” says Brandi Duvall, the Circuit County Clerk.

Residents will have the option to choose between a standard driver’s license and a voluntary travel ID. The new driver’s licenses and ID’s should be offered to Warren County residents starting in January 2019, but if your license doesn’t expire for a few years there is no need to worry.

“It’s anticipated that every county in Kentucky will be issuing the new license by spring of 2019. However, the current drivers license that you have will remain good for the duration until it expires. So actually there is no need to rush in in January or early spring and try to get the new license because the one that you have in your possession will remain good.” adds Duvall.

Brandi Duvall is looking forward to these changes and so is one Warren County resident we spoke with.

“I feel like it’s going to be a great measure for security and for identification purposes. There is a lot of identity fraud going on right now and I feel like it’s going to help crack down on a little bit of that.” says Rebecca Duff, a Warren County resident.

Kentucky’s current extension will expire in October 2018, but the state has applied for two additional extensions, if approved these will allow people to use their Kentucky licenses and ID until 2020 for commercial air travel.

The standard driver’s license will be $43 and the voluntary travel ID will be $48.

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