Kentucky Down Under seeking public’s help to find missing dog

HORSE CAVE Ky.-A local zoo is asking for the public’s help to find their beloved four-legged friend who went missing recently.

Stetson is a well-known dog that belongs to the owner of Kentucky Down Under in Horse Cave. He’s a black and white border collie with heterochromia, giving him two different colored eyes. He often travels with the zookeepers as they care for the animals.

Posts of his disappearance have been circulating on the zoo’s Facebook page. At last check, the post has been shared over 100 times. He’s been missing for over three days.

Animal caretakers at local shelters like the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society share this advice if anyone should come across Stetson, or any missing dog in general.

“Unless they come running right up to you where you’re able to confine them and keep them safe, we never recommend chasing them, running after them, especially if it’s in a heavily trafficked area or something like that because they do tend to spook very easily,” said BC-WC Humane Society adoption manager Leah Lawrence.

If you think you’ve come across Stetson, you’re asked to call the park at 270-786-1010.