Kentucky Department of Education releases state assessment data

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Multiple counties and districts, including Warren County Public Schools and Bowling Green Independent School District, have released state assessment data for the 2021 to 2022 academic school year.

Below you can find the results for local counties and districts:

“Now that we know where our students are, let’s keep focusing on how to keep moving ahead to help make up for the unfinished learning over the past two years,” said Jason E. Glass, education commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Education.

He said the scores are not where they want them to be, but said “it’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on our students and our schools as they continue to recover from the interrupted learning that occurred over the past two years.”

“These results will serve as the baseline from which we will move forward as we look to new and innovative learning opportunities for all of Kentucky’s students.”

Superintendent of Warren County Public Schools Rob Clayton also commented on the results for Warren County.

“At Warren County Public Schools, we use state assessment data as a snapshot of information to guide us as we address our students’ individual learning needs. We continue to remain focused on expanding learning and leadership growth opportunities for our 18,000+ students as we strive to prepare them for postsecondary success,” reports Clayton.

“After the past two years of interrupted learning, I am extremely proud of our exceptional team of 3,000 employees at WCPS who went above and beyond daily to minimize the impact of interrupted learning and I am thankful for their continued commitment to supporting our students’ academic, social and emotional needs,” said Clayton. “These results validate the importance of providing in-person instruction and the extraordinary efforts taken to keep our schools open for our students and families.”

Superintendent of Bowling Green Independent School District Gary Fields says, “Data in the 2022 Kentucky School Report Card provides schools and districts a summary view of how our students ended last school year. Our teachers and staff worked tirelessly through the pandemic to support our students and help them grow and learn through a challenging time for everyone. As this data affirms, our students are not where they would be without those significant challenges, but we are working every day to improve.”

The Kentucky Department of Education warns that data may load slowly due to online traffic.