Struttin Rooster Farm receives grant from USDA

MORGANTOWN,  Ky.- In Butler County, the Struttin Rooster farm recently received a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture. The grant money will be used both on the farm and at Morgantown Elementary School, where a new produce garden will be built for and maintained by Butler County students.

For Struttin Rooster farmer and Butler County Learning Center principal, Ryan Emick, the grant will help him achieve a goal.

“On the farm, we’re going to be able to increase our production, and that was the biggest thing for us. To be able to increase capacity. Here in schools, it’s been a goal of mine for us to produce the plants that are needed at our Elementary School. We want to start providing to our school cafeteria,” said Emick.

Emick also said that the community was in need of another way to get fresh produce, as there are only two local supermarkets. This drive to help the community was noticed by Butler County Schools Superintendent, Scott Howard.

“We’re really excited about that grant of course. Anytime we can provide more opportunities for our kids, we want to try to do that. Ryan Emick and his wife, Angela, have done a great job and are always there to provide expertise in the area of gardening and providing vegetables that our kids love, so this is one more way to promote that,” said Howard.