Jewelry heist ends in deadly shootout

(KSNV/NBC News) Dramatic security footage shows a deadly shootout inside a Las Vegas jewelry store.

Two robbers entered John Fish Jewelers on December 29th. One would leave in a body bag.

It was closing time at the jewelry store when the robbers stormed in.

Jeweler John Fish was the first to stare down the barrel of a gun before being forced into the store’s safe.

“He had me face down in the vault with a gun to my head. I thought this is my last moment,” Fish said.

From there, Fish’s brother Steven and a customer were ordered to the floor and handcuffed by one of the robbers.

Steven’s wife peeked around the corner, and ran to get help from a man who became a hero: Pedro Torres.

“She says ‘Something ugly is going on there. Somebody has Steven on the floor with a gun on his head,'” Torres explained.

Pedro, a conceal carry gun owner, entered and saw the worst.

“I see they got him, aiming on the head. I made a choice in two seconds. He saw me, and he started shooting. Boom boom boom, many at the same time,” Torres said.

Surveillance video shows the moment, the most chilling, when Pedro ducks just as a bullet grazes his head.

Smoke filled the jewelry store. More than two dozen bullets flew, with one of the shooters hit, but still holding his hostages while he fired back at Pedro.

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