Jennings Creek Elementary holds a coding showcase

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Computer coding. All around the world, the language of coding is the same, meaning everyone can start fresh. For the coding showcase, all eyes were on the interactive games that the students created. Teachers said there’s an added benefit for students to see their fellow wolves work.

“I have some kids that don’t talk a lot in class. When I give them the tools to code and be able to create their own projects, they were able to express themselves in a way that I don’t normally get to see,” said 3rd grade teacher at Jennings Creek Elementary Shane Baker.

The coding showcase also received a positive reception from students.

“Just going and seeing the kindergartners, because they can make a career out of coding and they all did amazing,” said 6th grader Payton Jent.

As the kids get fired up to get the lead out and start programming early, teachers also say they’re glad to be part of a wolf pack that encourages sharing ideas with others.

“I think it’s wonderful. Communication is a very big part of learning at all ages, and making sure all ages, and making sure that all students have a chance to share and take part in each other’s learning,” Baker said.

This spring, another showcase on programming Lego robotics will be held at Jennings Creek.