Jailers Charged In “Baby Shark” Torture

Oklahoma detention officers accused of forcing inmates to listen to popular children's song for hours at a time while handcuffed and standing in isolation booths. KFOR's Cassandra Sweetman reports.

(NBC News) — The children’s song, “Baby Shark,” is at the center of new abuse allegations against two Oklahoma jailers and their supervisor.

On Monday, former Oklahoma County detention officers Christian Miles and Gregory Butler, and their supervisor, Christopher Hendershott, were charged with four counts of cruelty to prisoners, four counts of corporal punishment to an inmate, and four counts of conspiracy.

According to court documents, the incidents happened in November and December of 2019.

Miles and Butler allegedly pulled at least five inmates, one at a time, out of their cells late at night, then handcuffed them with their arms behind their backs in a standing position in an attorney booth.

In some cases, the inmates were made to listen to “Baby Shark” for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time.

Oklahoma City attorney Casey Davis compared the allegations to Guantanamo Bay torture tactics.

“Nothing short of draconian,” he said. “That is done with one purpose and that is to harass, to annoy, to torture, to inflict emotional anguish.”

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