Jackson’s Orchard celebrates 55 years with fall break fun

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – It’s apple picking season. Playgrounds and petting zoos and the fall time is the time to crack open some apple cider and enjoy the breeze.

Jackson’s Orchard is open for the fall season with cute little pumpkins, delicious apples and jams!

They are also selling delicious apple cider.

Over the weekend, the orchard was packed full of excited visitors and smiling children as they rode horses, slid down slides, and picked out a bushel of apples.

Throughout the week the local business is also hosting fun activities for fall break.

Jonathan Price, the orchard manager, says the farm is home and a staple in the community.

“This is our 55th year. My grandparents along with many other family members have developed this over the last 55 years and we’re very honored and very proud to be a part of this community,”

Busy season will continue on for a few more weeks so if you missed out over the weekend, the fun is still underway!