Isaias Leaves Six Dead, Millions Without Power

The storm spawned tornadoes and widespread flooding along the East Coast after making landfall as a hurricane. NBC's Dan Scheneman reports.

(NBC News) — At least six people are dead and millions without power in the wake of Hurricane Isaias.

The intense storm left a long trail of destruction along the East Coast after making landfall in North Carolina late Monday, then rapidly pushing north.

The effects of the storm were felt hundreds of miles from the point where it made landfall.

“This is different. This is much more severe flooding than we’ve seen recently,” said Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Captain Adam Thiel. “The fire department and our partners from the police here have made dozens of rescues.”

Philadelphia authorities say hundreds of homes are impacted by flooding.

In North Carolina the storm spawned a tornado that swept through a mobile home park, killing two people.

“I’ve been with the sheriff’s office for 38 years and I know the mobile home park and it’s like nothing is there, so it’s bad,” said Bertie County Sheriff John Holley.

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