In person voting details for the Primary election

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – So far, a large number of people have either voted over absentee ballot or voted early since only one polling location will be open in Warren County Tuesday for the 2020 primary elections.

Because of COVID-19 regulations, Warren County Clerk Lynette Yates is expecting longer wait times in line.

“We have to social distance between our voters. We have to clean after each voter. We have to wipe down equipment. So, it is going to take longer,” said Yates.

That single location is Phil Moore Park in Alvaton because many organizations don’t want crowds of people in their buildings during a pandemic.

“Most of our buildings, our precincts are in churches, they are in our schools. They didn’t want us in their buildings as well,” said Yates.

Yates said finding poll workers has been extremely difficult this year.

“Please have patience. We have worked very hard on this. This is just the best solution for this election. That is why we were really urging voters to vote absentee. I understand some people really want to be there and cast that ballot, but please be understanding to the staff that are trying to work this. We’re doing our very best,” said Yates.

The county is already well above 2019 primary percentages with over 30% of registered Democrats and Republicans in the county requesting ballots.

“We had almost 24,000 ballot requests. So, all of those are coming back now. We’ve received a little over 12,000 back,” said Yates.

The polls will be open from 6 am to 6 pm.

County clerks across the state will not be certifying their elections until June 30.

You must be a registered Democrat or Republican to vote in the Primary Election.

Independent voters will have to wait until General Election November 3 to cast a vote.