Importance of school supplies for struggling students

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – You never know what someone’s going through, and school can be a rough time for everyone, and especially through middle school.

News 40 spoke to Dana Beasley-Brown, one of Bowling Green’s city commissioners, who also works as a youth services coordinator in Bowling Green Junior High School. Beasley-Brown said that events like “Stuff the Bus” and “Cram the Cruiser” are important because there is a real need for things such as school supplies among many students.

The commissioner said she’s seen kids come to school with nothing at all, and she knows families who are just floating by day to day. Things like are what her office works on, trying to remove “non-cognitive” barriers to help students succeed in their schooling.

Beasley-Brown said if you want to help out, any family resource office is always needing and accepting any donations. According to her, family resource/youth service centers are something unique to Kentucky, saying not every state has a social service type of resource in school.

Beasley-Brown said feeling like you don’t belong or stick out can be very damaging to a child’s confidence which would int turn, make it harder for them at school both with work and their peers, so everything helps from clothes to pencils.