Ice storm impacts Southcentral Kentucky foliage and roads

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A winter weather mix made its way through the area causing slick spots on roads and damage to trees.

Jared Weaver, the Bowling Green City Arborist, said there are quite a few safety tips he recommends when it comes to ice and trees.

Whether a kid having fun or an adult trying to reach a broken branch, don’t climb icy trees.

If there is a broken branch, you should call an expert to remove it.

They are insured and know how to proceed without getting hurt or damaging the tree.

“What we don’t want to do is shake the branches to remove the ice because they get somewhat brittle with the ice on them. So, we just want to let that ice melt and fall off by itself. If a tree is bent over, most of the time it will straighten back up naturally as the ice melts off,” said Weaver.

The ice impacts more than foliage.

Kentucky State Police reported at least 14 accidents, most of which were on Interstate 65 in Hart County.

The southbound lane was even at a standstill for a while Thursday morning due to the number of collisions.

According to Greg Carroll, Edmonson County Road Department supervisor, the ice is worse to deal with than snow.

“Everybody came in this morning at about 5 a.m. We got all the salt trucks loaded up and they have been out ever since. We probably got, I would say, a quarter inch of ice, but we have used quite a bit of salt today,” said Carroll.

In fact, Carroll says they have 500 tons of salt on hand and they used more than 100 tons on the roads on Thursday.

He expects to have to put out more salt Friday as well.

Carroll recommends getting your car washed when this winter weather is all over because salt can cause damage to your vehicle.