How do public water spaces stay clean and sanitary? News40 investigates.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Lots of people are flocking to public water spots to beat the heat…

“They love any reason to get into the water,” said mom Brittany Blackerby.

How do you know the water is safe and sanitary?

“I have not had any concerns,” said Blackerby. 

And she’s right…the city uses a filtration system where they draw water back and forth. 

“It is a continuous thing where the filtration system never stops first and foremost. Our staff checks three times a day for our filters to really see where our chlorine levels are and then the ideal is two parts chlorine per million,” said BG Parks and Recreation Director Brent Belcher. 

The heat combined with more people in the water lead to a higher need for bacteria-killing measures. 

“A higher bather load is what it’s called, the more people you come the more people you have so that puts more strain on the chlorine levels. The hotter it gets the more water evaporates which also puts more strain on the chemicals, so you go through more chemicals in this type of weather,” said Belcher. 

And public water places actively have tests done for contamination…WKU Associate Professor of Geoscience and Director of the Center for Human GeoEnvironmental Studies (CHNGES) Dr. Jason Polk says they do so by taking water samples.

“We do a whole lot of different tests. Anything from metals, to bacteria, pretty much anything you can imagine,” said Dr. Polk. 

You can take precautions too… make sure your kid is as healthy as possible before they jump in the water. 

“They can take a lot of steps themselves. Making sure you shower prior to, making sure you’re clean before you get into the water, and eliminating some of the personal bacteria before it’s ever established in the first place,” said Belcher.