Horse Cave Heritage Festival celebrates 22 years

HORSE CAVE, Ky. – Members of the Horse Cave community reunited over the weekend.

The Horse Cave Heritage Festival returned for another year of fresh homemade food, antique cars and all kinds of talented musicians.

Many residents who currently live in Horse Cave, Kentucky and those who used to live there, gathered at the festival celebrating its history and past generations.

John Buckingham, a local resident, says “We are a very old city, and a lot of the people grew up around this area remember, and in the ’60s and ’70s, and going back even into the ’50s. So this gives them the opportunity to show what they have and show the hard work they put in it and let everybody else enjoy it.”

The Heritage Festival is always a good chance for the people with ties to Horse Cave to share their stories and learn about the experiences of community members around them.