Homeless in the heat

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – There aren’t many places to go for the homeless and the heat is here to stay.

Around Bowling Green, you’ll notice several homeless or unhoused people on the bigger thoroughfares, and currently there is no active shelter in town. Room in The Inn would be a go to for most people to take a shower and settle down for a spell but now that they are looking for a new building to lease, times are tough for the more migrant members of the community.

Board Chairman Dewayne Conner sat down with News 40 for a minute to talk about the issue, and he said without Room in The Inn, there aren’t a lot of options to cool off but they’re working hard to find a new building before their winter season starts in November.

Amy Hinton spoke to the station as well about the homeless population’s risk for the elements. Hinton works in the Wellness Connection, a program through Life Skills, Inc., that helps get people back on their feet. Hinton repeated what Conner said essentially, doubling down on there not being many long term options for those with no housing of their own.

Hinton said at Wellness Connection Tuesday to Thursday, they allow transient peoples to come in, have food if available and just talk if they want but that in itself is not a shelter either.

Wellness Connection is located at 428 Center St in Bowling Green.