Hodges wins Metcalfe County sheriff’s race

EDMONTON, Ky.- There were just a few local races happening in the WNKY viewing area on Tuesday.

The biggest may have been in Metcalfe County, where voters decided a write-in candidate would make the best sheriff.

Yet, that sheriff-elect is somebody who already assumes the office.

Lonnie Hodges, a Republican, was elected Tuesday by the voters in Metcalfe County.

He received more than 1,300 votes.

Hodges took over for Sheriff Ricky Brooks earlier this year after he passed away from cancer.

A few months after that, the county’s Republican party decided they wanted someone else representing the GOP on the ballot, so they selected the group’s secretary Charles Costello, who received 449 votes on Tuesday.

“If you look at the whole thing just as a spectator, I think it shows that our political process works. I think you will see that now; you’ll start seeing this more of this kind of effort. Parties have had control over elections for a long time and I think that’s one of those things that nationwide people are a bit sick of,” said Metcalfe County Sheriff Lonnie Hodges.

The Democrat in the sheriff’s race, Allen Huffman, received the second most votes with just over 1,000.