Hitting a high note: singing donkey goes viral

(WIS) A South Carolina man who is achieving internet fame for a viral video of his donkey singing along to The Lion King’s “Circle of Life,” said the entire video started as a joke with his friends.

The 25-second video has garnered more than 3.1 million views on Facebook, in addition to being shared across other social media platforms and websites.

“I’m part of the Young Preachers of America Facebook group and someone made a joke about Lion King sermons,” said Travis Kinley. “Someone else started talking about ‘Circle of Life’ being a pre-sermon hymnal and I always say the proof is in the pudding!”

Kinley said he went into his backyard where he keeps his donkey, Nathan, as well as his riding horse and miniature horse.

“I pulled my phone out and started recording and he started braying next to me,” said Kinley. “I moved the camera on him, I’m looking at the camera and I’m thinking, ‘I cannot believe this is happening right now!'”

Since posting the video late last week, Kinley said he’s received hundreds of messages from people around the world thanking him for a good laugh.

“Most people are thankful for the laugh and having something positive floating around,” he said. “Some of the most rewarding ones have talked about them needing to feel some joy after going through a tough time and it’s so great to be able to deliver that smile and laugh to them.”

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