“Hey Siri, I Am Getting Pulled Over”

A new iPhone shortcut aids users during traffic stops with a series of actions that includes automatically recording video. NBC's Liz McLaughlin reports.

(NBC News) — Protests against police brutality erupted across the country this year, a movement spurred, in part, by video captured on mobile devices.

Now, there’s a growing interest in an iPhone program that aims to make recording encounters with law enforcement easier.

Once installed, you simply say “Hey Siri, I am getting pulled over,” and it starts a series of actions including turning down music, turning on “Do Not Disturb Mode”, dimming your screen, and starting to record video from the phone’s front-facing camera.

The Siri shortcut also allows users to send a location and copy of the video to an emergency contact.

To use the program you’ll need an iPhone updated to at least IOS 12 and the “Shortcuts” app.

Find the download link by opening Safari and searching for the “Getting Pulled Over By The Police” shortcut.

Once downloaded, you may also have to tweak security settings to enable Siri and other permissions to get it to work.

However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

“I think the lowest easiest tech version of this for any phone is just to turn on your camera if you’re getting pulled over by the police,” says Bijan Stephen of The Verge.

Video recordings can be an added protection for both civilians and law enforcement.

“Most of the time it makes the driver or the police officer behave better,” says Dana Schrad, executive director of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police.

There’s not an equivalent shortcut for Android phones yet, but as noted you can always just start recording manually from any kind of phone.

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