Heroic Coach Saves Team During Bus Incident

Some quick thinking from an Iowa basketball coach results in him saving his team and their bus driver.

Justin Smith is not only an assistant basketball coach at the University of Dubuque, but he’s also a hero.

His team was heading home from a five-day trip to Nashville when the bus driver suddenly collapsed over the steering wheel. As the bus began to veer, Justin jumped into action and steered the vehicle back onto the road by hitting the brakes.

Although he knows he saved the day, he is hesitant to call himself a hero. He says, "I just think there’s other self-sacrificing professions or situations that I would deem heroic. I was just doing what had to be done in the split of the moment, and I got lucky it worked out."

Luckily no one on-board was injured during the incident. There is no word on what caused the bus driver to pass out.