Healthy teeth are part of a healthy pet

BOWLING GREEN, Ky-Many people don’t give their dog or cat’s dental health a second thought. But it’s such an important topic the American Veterinary Medical Association has designated February as National Pet Dental Health Month.

Proper dental care for your dog or cat begins at home. There are dental chews that you can give your pet as a daily treat to help keep tartar from building up. If you’ve ever noticed bad breath when your furry family member walks up to you, tartar may be the culprit. The same tartar can also cause gum disease and even tooth loss.

Dr. Luke Griffith, the veterinarian at Three Springs Animal Hospital in Bowling Green says another key to good pet health is regular dental checkups by your family veterinarian. Dr. Griffith also says good dental health starts with puppies so they become accustomed to teeth brushing at a young age.

He also says you should only use special toothpaste made for dogs since fluoride can be harmful to pets. You can buy that toothpaste at pet supply stores.