Happy hunting Auburn!

AUBURN, Ky. – In the town of Auburn, there’s a woman who does her best to make sure the community has a rockin’ good time every year with a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Rhonda Sullivan, who works for Auburn’s tourism department, told News 40 that they’ve been populating the square with decorated rocks for “about 4 or 5 years” but just started to include prizes 2 year ago. It’s something small, but it’s Sullivan’s way to get the community up and about. Sullivan said recently, the local elementary school has gotten involved and paints rocks of their own for the months long event. Sullivan says she tries to put out 10 to 15 rocks every week for the community between April and October.

To Sullivan, it’s a good way to keep life flowing through the downtown area and it’s something important to her. The participating businesses seem to enjoy it as well, like the owner of Christina’s place. 

Christina Merritt told News 40 “it’s so cute” to see the kids looking all around the strip for rocks and loves to be of help in any way. Merritt said her and Sullivan have been friends since she first settled in Auburn years ago, so when she pitched the idea to her, it was no question. But we’re told there are two kids in town who might enjoy the adventure more than anyone.

Katie Hill, a resident of Auburn said to News 40 on the phone that her kids make a race out of the gesture that Sullivan has presented to the town, saying that her children “squeal with excitement” when they find the prize rock.

Concluding both their interviews, Hill and Merritt alike bragged similarly on Sullivan for her efforts to keep the town in good spirits. Merritt said “She doesn’t get paid for this, she does it because she loves Auburn” while Hill said “I think it’s fabulous that Rhonda does all this because it’s for all the families, and she doesn’t have to.”