Graffiti vandals spray paint historic rail car and two buildings

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Graffiti vandals damaged the E-8 locomotive and two outbuildings at The Historic Railpark and Museum.

Like all of the historic rail cars on display at the railpark, the E-8 is both special and rare. A total of only 1,314 E units were produced by General Motors.

Railpark executive director Jamie Johnson can’t remember a time in the seven years she has worked there that vandals have damaged any of the rail cars.

“This is definitely the first time that it’s happened,” Johnson said.

Johnson believes the catalyst may have been the graffiti damage that occurred several weeks ago when a vandal spray painted several downtown buildings and sidewalks with political and social messages.

In this case the, vandal or vandals spray painted meaningless symbols on the locomotive and vulgar language on the outbuildings.

While the outbuildings will be easy to repair, the locomotive will not.

“It’s really quite an undertaking for us to even try to cover up and repair the damage that is done,” she said. “Although it’s in a small place on the car, it’s in a significant place.”

The damage was done to the striping on the outside of the car. It will require a special grade of paint to repair the train.