Governor Beshear not expecting to extend executive order for restaurants and bars

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Patrick Folker, co-owner of the local Bowling Green eatery the Bike Rack Bistro is still hard at work setting up the drive thru for his business, as Governor Andy Beshear issued an executive order to close in-door dining in response to COVID-19. Folker said the community support has been strong through the struggle.

“Lots of support. Lots of emails, text messages, people doing the best they can. That’s something I’ve really learned. The community of Bowling Green is phenomenal,” Folker said.

That executive order is set to expire at midnight  Dec. 13. Governor Beshear announced Monday that he does not foresee that order being extended at this time.

“That would mean that provided we don’t extend it, and I don’t anticipate or plan on extending it, that they would be able to return to the 50% capacity they were at before,” Beshear said.

Beshear emphasized that in order for this return to work successfully, business owners will have to be adamant in enforcing mask usage from their patrons.

Folker said in the past, he hasn’t had any issues with this, as his customers have always been cooperative with the use of masks.

If all goes according to plan, business owners like Folker can expect to see their patrons in person again on Dec. 14.

This mandate could end up being extended between now and then if cases spike. WNKY will continue to follow this story and bring details as they arise.