Governor announces $1,500 back-to-work incentive; Bowling Green residents have mixed opinions

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – This week, Governor Andy Beshear announced his new return-to-work incentive. The money will pay Kentuckians on unemployment insurance a one-time $1,500 bonus to rejoin the workforce by July 30. 

But those looking to get in on this money may want to act quickly, because only the first 15,000 people who qualify will be approved for the taxable incentive. 

While some people like the idea of the incentive bringing folks back to work, others say this is just slapping a bandage on the problem.

Opinions from the Bowling Green residents differed. 

Last week, Governor Beshear announced the state’s year-to-date private-sector new-location and expansion figures, which include over $2 billion in total planned investment and the creation of 4,000-plus full-time jobs across the coming years. 

Only time will tell if this back-to-work incentive will fill up these positions.